The login page is for the licensing administrator, sales team and customers. SALEFISH adds a re-direct button within the clients existing website that takes them to a private sales portal. We have also included an account registration button for those new customers you meet at industry trade shows or simply navigating your website. For security the sales portal is an invite only system, all new accounts are required to be approved by the licensing administrator and/or sales staff.


As the licensing company your admin and sales team members have securities in place to make edits and modifications to your system and the customers you invite/allow to be apart of it.

Admin & sales team members will have the ability to post and view product offers, view all customer orders and place offer directly against them in real-time.


As a customer, once you are logged in you will have viewing access to the product catalog, industry news, product offers and your own orders only. Customers can place real-time orders directly onto the platform for the sales team to view and fill.

Customers cannot view the sites customer rolodex or other customer orders.