Digitizing your price sheets is what we do! SALEFISH has developed a software system that takes your products and price lists from the traditional PDF emailer to a customizable, private and secure sales portal for your customers to login view offers and automate their purchases.  



Customer Bids & PO’S

When your private network of customers login to your sales portal their experience will be elevated to a level of detail, care and attention that is not comparable in the seafood industry today.

Customer accounts have securities placed around their viewing experience, for example they cannot view your customer rolodex or other customer bids/PO’s. All transaction information stays between the license holder and buying account.

Product Offers

As a SALEFISH software license holder you have the ability to post product offers to your selected network of customers, email specific deals/offer to a selected group of buyers and invite them to place bids and PO’s directly online.

If your company is looking to become a fully traceable seafood supplier than SALEFISH can provide the tools to privately track and trace all attributes of your seafood products and trade.


Post Product Offers - View Customer Bids

Trade - Negotiate - Transact